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About Me


My name is Sri and I’m a Psychologist turned UX designer. My love for technology and understanding people, opened me up to the world of user experience design. Getting to thoroughly learn products, the users and the overall goals is my top priority when delivering a product of value.


I have worked as a freelance web designer, junior UX, lead UI designer and currently as a UX/UI Designer.


My Values


Be Diverse, Think inclusive

I am an introvert, a woman and don’t look like the majority of the Australian population because of race and skin tone. I know how it feels to be left out. I believe in learning from one another to truly celebrate diversity, to lead with empathy by thinking inclusively.

Start and stay humble

I believe whether you are the next Steve Jobs or Oprah, humility is a key trait you should use. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Being humble grounds us, allows us to introspect and understand the bigger picture, see others as equals and more importantly, learn from one another.

Creative, without boundaries

First and foremost I am creative at heart. At a very young age I was professionally trained in singing and dancing. As I grew up, I also started noticing the creativity in nature and took to photography and now design. Creativity is the fuel that ignites my passion and always keeps things interesting, without limits and at the forefront of innovation.

Let Passion be the Guide

When you start with passion, you get the most impactful outputs. It pushes us to continuously learn and enjoy every moment of what we do.


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