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Aug - Nov 2021


UX Design







About CDLA

Criminal Defence Lawyers Australia (CDLA) is a Sydney based legal practise specialising in Criminal and Traffic Law. With over 20 years experience, CDLA are exclusively amongst the top senior criminal lawyers in Australia holding an exceptional track record of successfully getting charges dropped early.

CDLA noticed with the heavy legal competition, it was difficult to rank on google. They requested our design and SEO team to redesign their website whilst researching keywords, call to actions, heatmapping and competitors.

Our team's combined effort led to an increase in leads by 467% over 10 months.

Judge and Gavel


01 Understand 

02 Define

Market Research

User Testing

Identifying issues


03 Ideate


04 Prototyping

High Fidelity

05 Testing

User Observation

Heat Maps

Google Analytics

Focusing on organic growth with website optimisation.


Research Goals

  • Understand market and target groups

  • Identify existing criminal lawyer websites

Key Issues

  • Blog pages were ranking instead of CDLA's service pages, directing warm visitors to the wrong call-to-actions.

  • Redesign the high-traffic pages with improved call-to-actions.

Market Research

Reach customers at the beginning of their journey.

  • Serve targeted content where customers are searching such as Google & Youtube to access customers earlier on.

02 Define 

Improve Experience

Redesign the high-traffic pages with improved call-to-actions.

Increase Website Leads

Increase the volume of ranks for service pages to grow the total leads.

03 Ideate 

Working alongside the SEO & Marketing team, we identified the pages of the website which were the most important, but lacked visitors.


The home page needed to explain CDLA's story, what areas of criminal law they work in, and most importantly their achievements.

The blog section needed to produce highly-targeted articles that cover popular topics. We worked with CDLA to identify areas of opportunity within criminal law to establish hero articles - overall benefiting rankings and providing education to potential customers to convert. 

As CDLA already had an established site, we worked alongside the SEO teams to view heatmaps of users. We also noticed while researching other law offices that they show their awards and where they were featured so customers have a high confidence in booking their services.

Identifying gaps in design compared to other high ranking criminal defense companies.


Group 387.png

Blog v1

Group 387.png

Blog v2

Group 388.png

04 Prototype 

To compliment our search efforts, we designed and developed high-converting landing pages to direct our warm traffic to for each key office location.

Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 8.38.04 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 10.01.21 pm.png
Screen Shot 2022-05-01 at 9.59.39 pm.png

05 Testing 

As a result of our targeted efforts establishing CDLA as authority for criminal law, we narrowed down on the high-value search terms and proceeded to dominate ranks in each vertical.

Our heatmaps indicated that users were more interactive within the website and retention rates increased 87%

In the months that we worked with CDLA, they saw an increase in increase in leads by 467%.

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